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Shanghai Car Rental Teaching Novice Raiders

First, adjust the position according to height.

Each person's height is different from that of the learned car. The point of view is not the same. For example, a right-angle turn is to look at the car's front cover and immediately hit the steering wheel. A tall person will not play with the cover line. After you have played. The coach tells you that if you can't find out by doing it, you need to adjust flexibly and try more according to your height in order to find out the most suitable point for you. Completely applying the hardware will only waste your time.

Second, fixed driving posture, adjust the seat, rearview mirror.

Different postures and different seat adjustments also affect the look. For example, I found that many girls like to lean forward from time to time, and the look of sitting forward and sitting up is not the same. The seats are the same, especially if the ramps are to be parked and started. Also for a reference point, the seats must be stopped early and the seats must be stopped slowly. Therefore it is best to form a fixed seat adjustment habit. This is a geometric problem, under the analysis of their own specific. There is also a rearview mirror. My purpose is to adjust to see every reference point you want to see.

Third, clutch control and chasing line exercises are very important.

Many students think about practicing subjects in the second test as soon as they come up. They do not care about the practice of clutch control and line tracking. This is very wrong. Novices with slow hand-eye coordination, clutch must be stabilized, step on the brakes also require stability, speed control, the easier it is to grasp the reference point. Not to mention chasing the line, this relates to whether you can park the car in a suitable position and whether the body is straight.

Fourth, pay attention to the method of playing the steering wheel.

It is fast and accurate to play the steering wheel. Because the steering wheel can make two laps, some people often do not know clearly whether the steering wheel is going back. This is the habit of remembering the lap number of the steering wheel, as well as the habit of holding the steering wheel. It will naturally feel after a long time. Ten thousand and five, enjoy the process of driving.

When you get on the bus, you are stiff and nervous and you are hard to learn. You must calm down and let go of your courage. Reluctance to open up is not the same as letting go of your hands and feet. It is to relax your mind and use your own instincts. Don't take yourself as a rookie. You can even imitate the old driver's demeanor, posture, and so on. Over time, you will Found driving more and more skilled.

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