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Company profile

Company profile

Shanghai Hongfeng Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. specializes in car rental services. The company mainly consists of: domestic and foreign enterprises, institutions, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and individuals who need to use the car. The model will be selected according to the needs of customers, including long-term lease, short-term package, self-driving, and driver-in-charge. The driver of the company is skilled and familiar with the roads of tourist attractions in Shanghai's urban areas and major cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui.


   The company will provide you with the best and most sincere service for the customer's supremacy and service first. This will be our commitment to you. At present, our main business is the provision of car rental services for individuals and businesses. We have greatly simplified vehicle rental procedures based on the people-oriented principle. Our goal is to provide you and your company with perfect professional services, and strive to make your business or personal image together with our service level, business development, and go one step further... http://www.shzhuche168. Com


   This car rental company based in Shanghai strives to build Shanghai's number one car rental brand. Our slogan is "All the Way for You". We accompany you to make a pleasant journey in the journey of business and tourism. Thank you for coming! This car rental company is a professional team that will serve you wholeheartedly. Main: Shanghai Car Rental; Shanghai Commercial Vehicle Leasing; Shanghai Tour Bus Rental; Shanghai Wedding Car Leasing; Minhang Car Rental; Shanghai Buick Leasing; Shanghai Wedding Car Leasing Company; Shanghai Wedding Car Rental Price; Shanghai Vehicle Leasing Quote; Shanghai Car Rental Consultation; Shanghai Car rental procedures; Shanghai Jinlong bus lease; Shanghai 45 bus leases; Shanghai Jinlong bus 33 leases; Shanghai 33 bus leases; Shanghai car rental company; Shanghai formal car rental company; Shanghai wedding car rental; Shanghai wedding car rental prices; Shanghai long distance Car Rental; Car Rental; Car Rental; Car Rental in Shanghai; Commercial Vehicles; Buick; Buick Commercial Vehicle; Lease Bulk; Rent Buick Commercial Vehicle; Buick Commercial Vehicle Rental; Audi Rental; Shanghai Car Rental; Shanghai Car Rental Company; Shanghai Chartered Vehicle; Shanghai Car Rental Network; Corporate Car Rental; Company Car Rental; Unit Car Rental;


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Address: Room 604, xiangrun international building, no. 1100 wuzhong road, minhang district, Shanghai.

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