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Car rental news

Small holiday tour in Shanghai, Shanghai chartered dedicated service for you!

Car rental service is a very important service in the current convenience service. There are many occasions where you need to use a car. However, a company or individual cannot have many cars. This requires a professional car rental company to serve you. Shanghai chartered car network can provide various models for companies and individuals who need to use the car, and gives a preferential car rental price.


     In March of spring in March, we walked out of the house to visit the ancient town, taste snacks, do farm work, live in farmhouses. As a smart man, at this time, he will take his wife or girlfriend to the surrounding scenic spots and drive for love and time. Temporarily not owning your own car should not be a problem that prevents you from enjoying a romantic spring journey!


Shanghai's suburbs and ancient towns have their own characteristics. Light a "eat" word: Qingpu Zharou, smoked green beans, "Shukou slaves" farm food, Nanxiang dumplings, Qibao snacks ... ... is enough to make people full of life. As a window to understand the old Shanghai style, Chenghuang Temple is a popular attraction for Chinese and foreign tourists. Before a large number of tourism teams have yet to arrive, it is absolutely wise to go early to see the City God Temple in the morning. Standing on the lake's pavilion, the Jiuqu Bridge left a shadow, and then went to the Yuyuan Park Tourist Mall to take a good look and stroll and buy some spiced beans, pear sugar, and the warmth of childhood immediately rose. Less than 11:00, taking advantage of the famous "Nanxiang Xiaolong" store, there is no long queue at the door of the store. Buy 2 crabmeal dumplings and savor the delicious taste.

     As the most developed city in Mainland China, Shanghai has a more modern landscape. Oriental Pearl TV Tower, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Shanghai. Nanjing Road is a shopping center with a wide range of commodities and dazzling. Lujiazui is Shanghai's financial center and commercial center, with high-end office buildings and five-star hotels. There are China’s second-highest global financial center (492 meters) and seventh-largest Jinmao Tower (420.5 meters), highlighting the prosperity of Shanghai. And open. The Bund is a must-see destination for sightseeing. The Bund is located in Puxi and faces the Huangpu River in the east. There are 52 buildings of various styles in the west, including Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, and Chinese-Western combination styles. This is known as “The Building of the Whole Country”. At the Bund, you can feel the customs of the Shanghai Shili Ocean Park, the magnificent Huangpu River, and the unique texture of the different colors of the Huangpu River. People have to lament Shanghai's international charm and tolerance. In addition, there are Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, World Expo Park, etc., which are refreshing to experience the charm of urban life and technological progress.

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