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Car rental news

Shanghai Car Rental Network: Precautions for Changing Body Colors

Many car owners who purchase used cars will be modified according to their own preferences. Usually the simplest is the change of car color, but Shanghai Car Rental Network should remind the owner that painting according to his hobby is possible, but may violate the vehicle's Regulations, punished, next to the next side to explain to you about used cars to change the body color regulations. It is possible to change the car body color, but it is necessary to register. When you register, you must fill out the application form and provide some relevant information.


1. The original "Motor Vehicle Change Registration / Filing Application Form";


2. The original and copy of the identity certificate of the motor vehicle owner;


3. The original and copy of the driving license and motor vehicle registration certificate;


4, the original motor vehicle inspection record form.


5. Provide one standard photo of the vehicle after the body color is changed.


6. If the color of the vehicle body is changed during the stolen period, the motor vehicle shall provide the relevant technical certification certificate or the original and copy of the certificate issued by the public security organ;


Used car to change the body color process:


1. Appearance: The process is the same as the annual inspection, extension number, photographing, and the modification of the appearance cannot pass the inspection. It takes about 20 minutes to restore the original factory in advance.


2. Fill in the application form: There is an application form for changing colors in the business hall. After completing the form, it will be sent to the processing window for approval and a new driving permit will be issued.


3. Fees for Issuing Certificates: In the normal case of half an hour or so, the new driving permit will be able to handle the success, and only the fee for the fee will be paid. All the business will be completed. Compared with other retrofit projects, body color change is a relatively simple business. It will cost less and will not affect the line and structure of the vehicle itself. It will not cause hidden dangers to vehicle safety, and the corresponding professional and technical requirements are not very high. Other modifications must have professional and skilled skills, otherwise it may affect the route and cause accidents. However, Xiao Bian suggested that the majority of vehicle owners should ask the local vehicle management office or professionals before making any changes.

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