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Car rental news

Car rental news

Which is a good car rental company in Shanghai? Hongfeng affordable service is good!!

From the beginning of its establishment, Shanghai Hongfeng Car Rental Co., Ltd. insists on “providing customers with an unprecedented car rental experience” as the starting point, and provides car rental, corporate bus, and administrative services for the majority of Shanghai residents, enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, and other units. Cars, conferences, wedding car rental, tourism car rental and other car rental services.


Due to the professional services, sincere management and the company's development needs, the company’s system is very advanced with the times, the company’s talents, specialized auto management talents, and a lot of money invested in buying new cars, making the types of vehicles more complete. There are currently more than 300 rental vehicles. Among them, 7 commercial vehicles account for 45%, 5 sedan cars account for 35%, 11-19 CMBs account for 15%, and 33 or more busses account for 5%. All kinds of new models can be purchased at any time for long-term car rentals. Greatly improved the company's market competitiveness, and got a lot of support for many people and companies, such as Lenovo, IBM, Bank of China, Haisupu, Cisco China and other companies are our strategic partners.


Therefore, we can proudly say to you: Only you can not think of, we can not do, choose to rent a car, everything is going smoothly, to the car rental is your wise choice!

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