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Shanghai Car Rental Company needs customers to provide what documents

Normally, we usually need to submit certain personally identifiable information for car rental, and we also have a certain deposit, which is also a guarantee for the other rental company. However, after all, Shanghai's wedding car rental is not directly driven by itself. It may also require the cooperation of the owner and the driver of the other company. Of course, even if these new hires are not local ID cards, they can all be rented directly. However, the corresponding identification must be submitted, and some processes are also worthy of our attention and early mastery.



       First, the ID card must be submitted.


       No matter what our rental car to do, the most basic rental car identity information counterparty rental company must also be verified clearly, after all, the cost of car rental is not low, plus Shanghai wedding car rental must advance some time to make an appointment, the basic identity information is absolutely not Lack of. It is best to be able to directly use the groom's or bride's identity card, and then set aside your own contact information. If there are any problems in the later period, you can contact directly and it will not affect our rental car. If relatives and friends help with car rental, the relevant person’s ID card must also be submitted.


       Second, off-site rental cars need to submit other documents.


       Regular Shanghai car rental companies all need corresponding identification. Of course, if they are residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, or foreign friends need to rent a car, and the demand is relatively high, then it is definitely necessary to submit the permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and the permit must be in the corresponding Within the time frame. Residents of other countries must have valid passports such as national passports. Because the verification speed of these documents is slightly slower, everyone must pay special attention to making advance reservations before renting a car, so as not to affect the use of cars in the future.



       Third, a domestically recognized driver's license.



 Foreign driver's licenses can be used only if they have been translated and are in compliance with relevant domestic requirements. However, everyone must be prepared in advance. Some companies may have more requirements for such foreign driving licenses, and they need to understand the corresponding precautions in advance.


       Fourth, sign the contract and pay the deposit.


       It is still necessary to sign a contract to ensure the rights and interests of both parties. The specific deposit is how much we can learn in advance and then negotiate with the other party. The contents of the contract must be made clear in advance. If there are certain problems, handling them in accordance with the contract is the best, and we can also protect our rights and interests. In particular, it must be stated in terms of costs that the preferential policies should not be merely verbal instructions and avoid disputes in later periods.


       The relevant requirements of each Shanghai car rental company may also be different. Under normal circumstances, both ID cards and driver's licenses are required. This is also a protection measure for the other party. Once there is a problem in the process of cooperation, at least it is possible to have a formal identity. You can find the partner directly and you will not lose yourself.

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