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Shanghai Car Rental Company: How to Maintain the Car in the Fall

The maintenance of the quarter car needs careful attention. In the summer, the temperature is high, the parts of the car are out of the expansion turntable, and then it gradually enters the autumn, the temperature is relatively low, the parts of the car are in a cold contraction state, and the rain in the summer and autumn is more The components may have potential safety hazards in the long-term thermal expansion and contraction. The Shanghai Car Rental Company reminds the owner: It is necessary to maintain and inspect the car in the fall. How about car maintenance in autumn?


1, beware of dew


In autumn, because of seasonal reasons, there is more dew, and if the vehicle is placed on the outside, dew may have a certain degree of corrosion on the appearance of the car. Usually the car is scratched or paint is removed. Dew can cause the surface of the car to rust, so be sure to dry the dew, and then make up the paint.


2, window glass cleaning


The cleaning of the window glass is very necessary, because it is rainy in autumn, and there will be dust or acid-alkaline substances accumulated on the outside of the glass of the car, which will affect the lifting and lowering of the car glass. At this time, the owner can pour a small amount of fresh water into the notch. If there is time, it is best to use a proper amount of the cleaner. When driving, pay attention to lift the glass so that dust and acid-alkaline substances can be removed.


3, the maintenance of the tire


Because summer temperatures are high, so the tire pressure can't be too high. Now it's nearly into the fall. Compared to the summer temperature, the autumn air pressure must be slightly higher than summer, but it must not be too high. The pressure range. Also pay attention to whether the surface of the tire is scratched.

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