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Common sense

Common sense

Shanghai Car Rental: How to Drive Safely in Shanghai

The introduction of the strictest rules and regulations, so that drivers usually do not pay attention to complaining again and again, before the yellow light can be directly over, and now the yellow light has passed, not only to punish money, but also deduct points, so many people feel that the current regulation is not Too harsh, so how do we deal with such rules as a driver?


1, grab red does not grab green


Some drivers always like to speed up the "grab the lights." In the distance, seeing the green light refueling and speeding up, often did not reach the intersection stop line, the green light turned into a red light. It is best to slow down the speed when you see the green light in the distance, and to prepare for changing the lights while keeping the speed at a low speed. Therefore, "Red grab not green" can smoothly pass through the intersection with braking or less use of brakes.


2, safe overtaking


Overtaking must be carried out with 100% certainty. When confirming the overtaking condition, a left turn signal should be played and a horn be signaled (you should change the light to indicate when overtaking at night). After waiting for the fork to show, you can overtake the left side of the front car. After passing the previous car, it is not possible to enter the original driving route prematurely, and after maintaining the necessary safety distance with the overtaking vehicle, the right turn signal will be returned to the original lane.


3, carefully turn the head


The newcomer is often not familiar with the driving route. When one looks at the wrong road, he immediately turns his head in the spot, completely ignoring the vehicles on both sides. This is very dangerous. The road with a solid line in the middle is definitely not a U-turn. If you absolutely must turn around, do not make a forcible turn on the opposite side of a large number of vehicles. The correct method is to confirm that when the opposite lane is basically without a car, confirm that there is no car coming in and then quickly insert the air and turn around.


4, slow down


When a car driving at a high speed enters a curve, in order to prevent the vehicle from tilting due to the effect of centrifugal force, it is necessary to reduce the curvature of the car's driving route and reduce the centrifugal force. If the curve is very sharp and the road is not wide, there is no way to copy it, and cars tend to be difficult to control in the corners. The correct method is to lift the throttle before the curve to decelerate, determine the curve of the curve and road conditions, wait until the car enters the curve, the appropriate fuel, so that the car speeds through.


5, low block bridge


Many cities now have overpasses and elevated roads. The gap between the upper and lower bridges is relatively large. When a person drives a car downhill, he only glide through the air and sees that he has to hit the brake before he hits the front car. This is very dangerous. The safe practice is to hang in the low gear and slowly slow down the elevated road.

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