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Common sense

Common sense

Shanghai charter company: how to deal with abnormal noise in cars

After the vehicle has been opened for some time, more or less, there will be some problems. Now, what is the solution to the abnormal noise of the car? In fact, this problem can be solved by itself. Usually some parts have taken a long time, and there has been looseness. The following Shanghai chartered coaches came to talk with you about how to solve the problem of abnormal sound.


First of all, starting from the dashboard, the instrument panel is equipped with screws for some resin parts and tightened with a screwdriver to suppress the sound.


Then there is the upper bracket above the car's suspension frame. If the vibration-controlling nuts are loose, there will be some noise when the car is moving. Tightening with a wrench can solve this problem.


Finally, if abnormal sound occurs during closing, it should be the abnormal sound caused by lack of oil on the hinge. Adding some oil at this time can solve this problem. The same applies to the sound panel, which can also be solved by this problem.

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