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Shanghai Car Rental Company: How long does it take for a car to warm up in winter?

In winter, when the temperature is relatively low, generally the car needs to be warmed up before driving. How long does it take to warm up the car? The staff of the Shanghai Car Rental Company talked about the steps and methods of warm-up.




Many owners think that the longer the warm-up time, the better. This is not the case. This is excessive. Many owners are waiting for the water temperature meter to move to the normal position and dare to start. This is wrong. First of all, car warm-up is very necessary because the temperature of the engine that was just started is low, and the lubricant in various parts is not yet in place. If you drive it immediately, it will produce dry grinding of parts and loss of parts. However, the warm-up time does not need to be too long. The criterion for judgment is that the pointer of the water temperature gauge just starts to move, or the engine tachometer can start to run after it starts to fall to an idling state, which takes about one minute. It is recommended that the owner start the first 2 km after the start of the low speed, and then normal speed can be.




Due to the cold weather in winter, cars parked for one night must not be able to run stably for a while during the day of use. Warming up is required before the car starts. It is believed that after the owner read the above content, the time for warming up the winter car has already been well mastered.

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