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Ford transit17 seats

Basic cost: 8 hours 100 kilometers: 800 yuan / day

Super kilometer: 6 yuan / km

Extra hour: 60 yuan / hourly

The cost includes: the driver's salary, the gasoline fee and the insurance

Pay extra: parking fee + high speed + driver's meal + Super hour + Super kilometres.


Please read carefully the following remarks: fax has been sent to you to confirm your visit, so as not to delay your trip.

1: in order to use your car safety, the maximum speed per hour can not exceed 120 kilometers. In the case of a large car, it is not more than 100 kilometers.

2: accumulative calculation of timeout and super kilometers. More than 24 points over time doubles the calculation.

3: the road, ferry, bridge and parking fees generated by vehicles shall be paid by the lessee. (yes)

4: on the top, get off the car outside the outer ring, plus 100 yuan. On the top, get off in the suburbs and other provinces and cities.

5: time, travel is not consistent with confirmation. Any verbal agreement with the driver is not recognized by our company.

6: the vehicle does not agree with your reservation, please inform us immediately, and can not get on the bus, otherwise it is regarded as no objection to vehicle approval.

7: vehicle accidents or failures, unable to run normally, we immediately replace the same type of vehicles and make corresponding time compensation.

8: confirm that the customer is now tied up. After the end of the day, all the charges must be settled at once and the overtime and super kilometres.

9: dissatisfaction with the driver's service. Please inform us immediately. The customer endorsement, the signature of the road sign has no objection to the service and the rent of the tour.

10: the driver's work meals are arranged by the customer, and the 20 yuan / meal that can not be arranged. 200 yuan / night can not be provided in the cities and towns.

11: Please fill in the company's name and address correctly. Express your company after the use of the car.

12: if the company pays, the invoice must be cleared within five working days by cash transfer or by cash or cheque.

13: no reason to return the vehicle must pay 50% of the vehicle price penalty. The cancellation of vehicles on the same day must pay 100% of the vehicle price penalty.

14: ask your company to pay the deposit in advance, the division will receive the deposit as the criterion, and no refund will be made without any reason.

15: this Agreement shall be effective after signing or sealing by both parties. Each party holds one copy and the fax copy has the same legal effect.

Friendship reminding: please carry your valuables with you

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Address: Room 604, xiangrun international building, no. 1100 wuzhong road, minhang district, Shanghai.

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