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TOYOTA sea lion 14 Shanghai chartered bus

Basic cost: 8 hours 100 kilometers: 850 yuan / day

Super kilometer: 6 yuan / km

Extra hour: 60 yuan / hourly

The cost includes: the driver's salary, the gasoline fee and the insurance

Pay extra: parking fee + high speed + driver's meal + Super hour + Super kilometres.


Apart from improving the details, TOYOTA HIACE also emphasizes the artistic and aesthetic sense of the whole. The rear frame of the window frame is tilted back, showing a simple and avant-garde design style. The dark grey security window conceals the car window bracket, so that the appearance of the body side is coherent and smooth, and the whole vehicle is more natural and harmonious. The coach is spacious, and there are walkways in the middle of the passenger area to separate the seats on both sides to facilitate the ride and in. All seats are advanced fabric with a head pillow, each pillow is high, and the angle of the back of the chair can be adjusted. The seat structure is more conforming to the body curve and makes the ride particularly comfortable. The back of the chair is provided with armrest to take care of passengers' driving and safety when getting on or off.

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