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TOYOTA El law Shanghai car rental net

Basic cost: 8 hours 100 kilometers: 3300 yuan / day

Super kilometer: 20 yuan / km

Extra hour: 200 yuan / hourly

The cost includes: the driver's salary, the gasoline fee and the insurance

Pay extra: parking fee + high speed + driver's meal + Super hour + Super kilometres.


The TOYOTA El method is more smooth from the side, and it also dripping delicate streamline expression. It has a triangular front window and a parallelogram rear window. It becomes a special geometric matching on the side of the car. Automatically open the car side sliding door is a big spot, whether to open the door or close the door, as long as gently pull the handle can be completed, relative to the other MPV models such as the humanized design for Alfa to add a lot of color. As a high-end TOYOTA MPV, the biggest highlight is its luxurious internal configuration and space. Although the shape of the TOYOTA car is mostly conservative, the shape of the MPV car is never conventional, and the model of our familiar prvivian is a science fiction and the big El method does not keep the image of the business car. It is not just right, the shape of the El law is more than the traditional MPV, such as GL8 and Rui, and the high waist line and dark glass still retain a mystical sense of mystery.

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